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What is CheckFileName Library?

CheckFileName Library is a database of genuine files and registries that can be found on a user’s machine. It gives complete information of a file i.e. its valid path, hash code, file size, and file version if any. When you navigate the Library through Products, you will get additional information on valid registries that are created by the product.

How is CheckFileName Library useful to me?

In today’s Internet dependent environment, chances of getting infected by malware can’t be ignored. In normal course of work, you come across file(s) which could supposedly be a malware. To know more on a file, its authenticity and validity check it on CheckFileName Library. This Library is useful source of information to decide upon the treatment of a file and help you by providing necessary information.

How to make a search on CheckFileName Library?

CheckFileName Library is supported by 4-Tier search methodology. This will reduce your effort to search for a file and improve your response time. Search either by all or any of these methods:
If you are looking for a product name, take the search by this method. It will list all the software matching your keyword. Alternatively, you can navigate on the Products List alphabetically and carry on manually.
This is most adopted method of search. Put the filename in the search box and all the products containing the said file will be displayed on the screen. This will help you understand the usability of the same file by various products. Clicking the product link will tell you about the authenticity of the file. Furthermore, select the product to know the exact location where it is found in that product, including other details like file size, its md5 and file version.
To track information on a file by its hash code, search it by Md5. This will give you more acute results.
To know more about the products included on the basis of Author or Company, make your search by Author. It will show all the results matching your keyword.

What will be future enhancements in the CheckFileName Library?

The launch of the Library is successful after an in-depth research by a team of professionals. To increase it usability among the masses, following future enhancements will be incorporated:

  • Presently the database contains only the Whitelist. This means you will find only the files which are safe to be used. In near future, we will include the database of Blacklist files that would help you to judge whether the searched file is safe to be used or not.
  • A downloader, which will be installed on your system to help you get the details of a file by clicking the context menu. It will evade the process of searching for each and every file by writing/copying it on the search box of the Online Library. The right-click menu option will navigate through all the steps automatically and display you the desired results.
Systweak is Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner
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