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Utility is a program that performs specific tasks and assists in better performance of the computer. Utilities are explicitly designed in order to control and tweak the computer hardware, operating system or application softwares. Utility programs can include file management (creating, moving and renaming folders, copying and deleting files), file search, comparing file contents, performing diagnostic routines for checking performance and current health of the hardware. A device driver is a software program that allows higher-level computer programs to interact with a hardware device attached to a computer. A device driver bridges the gap of programming by acting as a translator between a device and the applications or operating systems using it. A driver usually converses with the device through the communications subsystem connected to the hardware. It then issues commands to the device when a calling program invokes the driver routine. Once the device sends data back to the driver, the driver may also invoke routines in the original calling program. Drivers are hardware-dependent and operating-system-specific.

Company Name: Firaz SAMET
Category: Utilities & Drivers
OS Support: Windows XP/2000
Product Version: 1.2
Threat Level:
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File : Alwact Online.lnk
Path : %userprofile%\start menu\programs\alwact clock
MD5 : 72711136d2053872065d97cf9eda9a73 - (214 Bytes)
File : Alwact.exeLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\alwact\bin
MD5 : d1b61ba71149bbd1b4d1d6a2b4191764 - (282624 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : Alwact.lnk
Path : %homepath%\desktop
MD5 : 7cb216101c7d7c719ea856b98704198e - (762 Bytes)
File : Alwact.lnk
Path : %userprofile%\start menu\programs\alwact clock
MD5 : 1b6344eacc67b44b7f0686f7959c6087 - (774 Bytes)
File : AlwactClock_1_2_Setup.exeLink Image
Path : %homepath%\desktop
MD5 : f9fce8f81df979dfd5728a8a16ccf756 - (255211 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : AlwactDefaults.reg
Path : %programfiles%\alwact
MD5 : dcb2f996cbe7f377a043edc12c7085b2 - (328 Bytes)
File : ResetPosition.reg
Path : %programfiles%\alwact
MD5 : c96d82658a08538a1382d5ab908f11c0 - (252 Bytes)
File : Skin Folder.lnk
Path : %userprofile%\start menu\programs\alwact clock
MD5 : a9e44c614d63e129d37872d5030e303f - (678 Bytes)
File : tmp.edb
Path : %windir%\system32\catroot2
MD5 : 7f5658c557abfb938811503a2a315d3c - (1056768 Bytes)
File : Uninstall.exeLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\alwact
MD5 : 46cb95db80f8c7824d99fc6360f7706f - (48862 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : Uninstall.lnk
Path : %userprofile%\start menu\programs\alwact clock
MD5 : 04f0eeb68bba73354d8233895147b01e - (731 Bytes)
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Systweak is Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner
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