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Business software can be termed as any software program that facilitates a business to boost its efficiency. Some business softwares may also help an organization to assess their productivity and to perform specific tasks. An organization may also get customized suite developed that will solve their purpose and will work according to their needs wherein each piece of software works independently as well as in synch with other parts of the suite. Some of the examples of Business software may be E-mail clients, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics, database, etc. that are designed exclusively for a particular organization.

Company Name: Thomasz Janeczko
Category: Business Software
OS Support: Windows XP/2000
Product Version: 1.55
Threat Level:
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Path : %homepath%\desktop\amiquote
MD5 : 472702407d3d5dc1f94e51d264aa0fd3 - (74094 Bytes)
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Path : %programfiles%\amibroker\formats
MD5 : fb5fc5db689e14f1b46bae382ff9b702 - (313 Bytes)
File : aqe.format
Path : %programfiles%\amibroker\formats
MD5 : 85645458f30613977e40a2fa0ff56bfc - (211 Bytes)
File : aqh.format
Path : %programfiles%\amibroker\formats
MD5 : de4915c73156dbab7ccf4e42c5f73bf7 - (194 Bytes)
File : aqi.format
Path : %programfiles%\amibroker\formats
MD5 : 04cc038265f1c46095a49687d481f8c0 - (230 Bytes)
File : aqm.format
Path : %programfiles%\amibroker\formats
MD5 : abef02480240a3dd527fd2212590e125 - (180 Bytes)
File : Quote.exeLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\amibroker\amiquote
MD5 : 806fe1eaba4096aeb152f8aa4c29145f - (110592 Bytes)    Version ( )
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Systweak is Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner
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