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In simple words, a security tool is a software that is installed on a computer or a network in order to protect it from malicious attacks. With recurrent use of the internet, security of a system is becoming an increasingly important concern as most of the viruses and spywares slip on to a computer via internet. Sometimes they make their way through browsers or sometimes as bundlers, and make the system vulnerable to harmful threats. Softwares like anti-spywares and firewalls prevent and remove computer viruses. Usually, such softwares include a "real-time" protection feature which endeavors to block incoming viruses before they infect a computer. Some of the softwares can also scan the computer for infections and even require regular updating to remain effective against new threats.

Company Name: Blackhawk Software
Category: Security tool
OS Support: Windows XP/2000
Product Version: 3.0
Threat Level:
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File : Keep Your Privacy.lnk
Path : %allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\keep your privacy v3.0
MD5 : 4f0b0278edb166bd5a8875d7ac6357e3 - (765 Bytes)
File : Keep Your Privacy.lnk
Path : %homepath%\desktop
MD5 : 60a2b92357fd477a0978ff9be3e77507 - (753 Bytes)
File : KeepYourPrivacy.exeLink Image
Path : %homepath%\desktop
MD5 : e1f28c9eb91af29052bd02b2fa410198 - (493812 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : KeepYourPrivacy.exeLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\keep your privacy
MD5 : 5c2093dd0e2b70f9620c2b847ad0747c - (1458176 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : unins000.dat
Path : %programfiles%\keep your privacy
MD5 : 3fcc613b2c4e2b88a915a0072a3fced8 - (1430 Bytes)
File : unins000.exeLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\keep your privacy
MD5 : 5d475a62c770785f0f7b096553ec7f7e - (662973 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : Uwrqwapibp.dllLink Image
Path : %windir%\system32
MD5 : 3312782d4c5b3486826c5beaf9533498 - (11665 Bytes)
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Systweak is Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner
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