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A component is an object designed for a particular requirement. It is that constituent of a system that offers a predefined service or event and is able to connect to other components. A software component is a part of composition with contractually specified interfaces, can also be arranged autonomously and is subject to composition by third parties. The purpose of designing component software is to homogenize the interfaces between softwares so that they are able to work without any glitch. A Library is an anthology of subroutines that are used to develop software. A library usually comprises of code and data that provides services to various individual programs thus allowing code and data to be shared and modified in a modular fashion. Executables and libraries create references known as links to each other via a process known as linking done by a linker.

Company Name: WS Designs
Category: Component & Library
OS Support: Windows XP/2000
Product Version: 1.0
Threat Level:
More Component & Library
File : Documentation.lnk
Path : %userprofile%\start menu\programs\lazy mail
MD5 : 12430f17fe6f0180feb3a86ab29fbd8b - (694 Bytes)
File : frmDemoLazyMail.frm
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : 337306f06312701119cc022248112f77 - (7777 Bytes)
File : frmDemoLazyMail.frx
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : 2acc895ea723cd0b08bdeb12e6a47838 - (10 Bytes)
File : LazyMail.dllLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : 575ef5f830914baa255537bd835c52fd - (677888 Bytes)
File : LazyMailDemo.csi
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : f7355fe7a8ddb61c47bea7cdd1998f3a - (232 Bytes)
File : LazyMailDemo.exeLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : 103d197c56f7fbfbadc78de1d24c3ccd - (28672 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : LazyMailDemo.vbp
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : e26f3c6db577b9aa022c54c7a66d8d8c - (831 Bytes)
File : LazyMailDemo.vbw
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : 9bc6f6985a0b839fbe870ccbe6a23906 - (81 Bytes)
File : LazyMailInstaller.exeLink Image
Path : %homepath%\desktop\lazy mail 1.0
MD5 : ace4bdbd18406e5cf5f1c525f15e441c - (922039 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : Module1.bas
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : 7470317b85830f3e1fdea9d912b41a9f - (445 Bytes)
File : Open VB Demo Project.lnk
Path : %userprofile%\start menu\programs\lazy mail
MD5 : 1965d5a307ec4c78ff948dfcfbbb8f9d - (1631 Bytes)
File : Run Demo Project.lnk
Path : %userprofile%\start menu\programs\lazy mail
MD5 : fbea86d40c851938e573e2dedcd9fe33 - (1631 Bytes)
File : UNWISE.EXELink Image
Path : %programfiles%\lazy mail
MD5 : 973567b98cdfc147df4e60471d9df072 - (153088 Bytes)
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Systweak is Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner
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