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A game is a prearranged activity, generally undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes also used as an educational tool. Games are generally discrete from work, and some of them also help in developing practical skills thus serving as a form of exercise. In modern world, games are played on PC’s along with keyboard, mouse, joystick and gamepad which involve contact with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device.

Company Name: Jacco Bikker
Category: Game
OS Support: Windows XP/2000
Product Version: Unknown
Threat Level:
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File : lemmingsarm.ini
Path : %programfiles%\microsoft activesync\lemmings
MD5 : 1a971fb23e0dd8287a0ac38df218e0c3 - (185 Bytes)
File : Setup.exeLink Image
Path : %homepath%\desktop\collection 2005_games_lemmings
MD5 : b6bb4f770e639a7e1fb8b40234da169f - (326144 Bytes)
File : tmp.edb
Path : %windir%\system32\catroot2
MD5 : 7f5658c557abfb938811503a2a315d3c - (1056768 Bytes)
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Systweak is Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner
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