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Mobile software is any application that is designed to run on handheld computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), enterprise digital assistants (EDAs), smart phones and cell phones. Mobile software comprises of rich user interface that is easy to use and makes the user feels as if he is working on a computer and not on a Mobile. Mobile softwares may consist of mobile games, ringtone downloaders, PC to phone converters etc.

Company Name: Hexacto
Category: Mobile Software
OS Support: Windows XP/2000
Product Version: 1.02
Threat Level:
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File : Lemonade Inc. 1.02.exeLink Image
Path : %homepath%\desktop
MD5 : f3c678a4d830a8484317f137ca818867 - (3755920 Bytes)
File : Lemonade.ini
Path : %programfiles%\hexacto games\lemonade
MD5 : b9b5be3a0563a6eaafa80988fdf64e7d - (269 Bytes)
File : Remove Hexacto ScoreCast.lnk
Path : %allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\hexacto games
MD5 : a4262cf50bff3dd38f1f979e52f9d33a - (668 Bytes)
File : Remove Lemonade Inc..lnk
Path : %allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\hexacto games
MD5 : 7d11ee03b63e99aef8cb5e7958d78843 - (668 Bytes)
File : ScoreCast.exeLink Image
Path : %programfiles%\hexacto games\scorecast
MD5 : ecd7f97e99b82fb4c789de43ef298e5a - (49152 Bytes)    Version ( )
File : ScoreCast.lnk
Path : %allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\hexacto games
MD5 : afa280d1b1e26b6d0cdb6592b902c511 - (809 Bytes)
File : unvise32.exeLink Image
Path : %windir%
MD5 : 84b4f61f59a421bd85d97b35d194b42b - (86016 Bytes)    Version ( )
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Systweak is Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED Partner
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